Sunny Day Dream Workshop

Sunny Day Dream Workshop is a platform used by the Disabled citizens in Tainan area to display their creative handmade products.

Using the Internet to connect our disabled artists to the world, we hope that their creativities and passions will not get limited by time and space.

Sunny Day Dream Workshop was established in December, 2012 by the Bureau of Labor Affairs of Tainan City Government.

Sunny Day Dream Workshop was named in the hope that our disabled artists will find new lives and opportunities and that will bring their dreams to be fulfiled.

It is our mission to encourage the disabled not to back down but continue to grow.

There are currently 38 disabled associations and vocational training students’ works on this platform, and their handicrafts are totally 1492 items.

In the hope to increase the economic benefits of these disabled artists, we actively seek more opportunities for them to sell their products.

In addition to this website, we had partnered with Tainan City Government to host many activities so that these artists have the chance to exhibit and sell their creative works.

Sunny Day Dream Workshop not only successfully started the online stores but also achieved the first certificate in the nation of assisting the disadvantaged to market their trademarks and products online. With this platform, we hope to spread the works and services of our disabled artists to the society and to help our artists building their uniqueness and new lives.